Database Marketing

Database marketing is one of the best ways to ensure that the money you spend on advertising is used to target customers that are pre-qualified to buy your products.

This improves lead quality, lowers acquisition costs, and speeds up sales cycles.

Database Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions About Database Marketing!

Why is your database marketing special?

We have been in the data space for about 6+ years now and are already one of the leading agencies that deal with custom data offerings. Our expertise and drive allow us to assist our clients with the most niche data services end-to-end, from data management, cleansing, multi-channel verification & more. We restore data to ensure optimal efficiency & differentiate ourselves by providing hard to find custom data. We chose to take the difficult path as we truly understand how custom data fields can augment your business performance matchlessly.

How do you collect data? Is it reliable?

Without reliable data, our clients wouldn’t be making the profits that they currently are. We collate authentic data from a series of credible offline & online sources including, global events, direct meetings, public directories & records, agencies & more. We curate this information with our up-to-date master repository to ensure you have access to precision-targeted & multi-channel verified data that can boost your campaign performance.

What kind of data do you work with?

We work to only collect and utilize data that could prove relevant to the growth of your business. Here’s a brief overview of the contact information we work with: First, Last Name, Job Title, Business Email, Office/Personal Phone, Social Media URL, Fax, Job Function, Company Name, Hierarchy, Secondary, Industry, Employee Size, Events Exhibited, Technology Categories, Technology Sub-Categories, Company Infrastructure & a lot more.

To grow your business in a competitive market, you need to have the relevant data and a personalized approach.

With a comprehensive targeted list and exceptional marketing support, we make sure that your marketing initiatives are successful and your business generates profits.

We provide marketing databases along with strategic, analytical and operational support to cater to your business requirements and enable you to become customer-centric which will in-turn result in the growth of your business.

We gather, consolidate and analyze the data about or from consumers and create an extensive marketing plan for direct marketing communications. Specialized in providing custom lists, we provide you with scalable and flexible data and marketing solutions that resonate with your evolving marketing needs.

Database Marketing

We strategically reach out to your potential prospects and turn them into your loyal customers.

Our expansive range of database marketing services includes:

  1. E-mail verification & validation.
  2. 360-degree profiling.
  3. Data provisioning.
  4. Dedicate platform.
  5. Hard bounce management.
  6. E-mail, SMS and Whatsapp broadcasting.

How Can We Help You!

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What client says !

Mr Salim Ansari
Mr Salim Ansari

It’s has been a delightful experience working with Team Vikasita Connect. They work like our own team, understand the brief and expectations completely and amaze us with an outstanding creative every time. We look forward to work on many more projects with them.

Mr Divyam Shah
Mr Divyam Shah

Our Google listing has always been top 3 from the time SEO is handled by Team Vikasita. They are the people you can trust with any of your designing requirements or website development work. Delivering on time is what I appreciate of them, which is quite rare in this industry.

Ms Lavanya Patil
Ms Lavanya Patil

Team Vikasita Connect got a quick understanding of our company, products, and expectations. They have strong domain knowledge of Social Media, SEO & SEM and have always been very responsive to our queries and problems. They have been flexible with our suggestions and have worked as a close team. Their expertise is helping us move closer to our business goals.

Mr Pratiman Pandey
Mr Pratiman Pandey

We've been associated with Vikasita Connect for almost 3 years now. As our digital agency, we find them very proactive and responsive. They have done some amazing work in setting up our company’s digital media strategy. Not only they brought creativity and vision in building our social platforms but also have supported our marketing team to build up our brand 360 degrees.

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