Simba Toys Gets Social!

Simba Toys

Project Information

  • Project Title:Social Media Marketing
  • Client:Simba Toys, India
  • Date:2014 to 2020

Simba Toys, India is a 7 year old subsidiary of Simba Toys, Germany, the 3rd largest manufacturer of toys in the world. In India, the market segment they operate in is primarily dominated by the unorganized players; however there are few international players with established brand credibility as well; Exploring the power of social media marketing, Simba Toys intended to etch itself in the consideration set of the target audience i.e. parents when it comes to high quality, credible international toy brands.

We had challenges to overcome like: low brand awareness, unlimited counterfeits available in the market, price sensitive audience, no website, hard to convince audience about the USP’s, and questionable brand loyalties of the customers.

Our Mandate

Create and maintain an amazing social media presence on relevant platforms for the brand.
Establish brand awareness, build credibility and keep the audience engaged and interactive.

To realize this goal, we did intense research and brainstorming to chalk out detailed buyer persona, buyers journey, and some of the critical influencers. We decided to communicate that as a brand "We Care" and intend to contribute towards right raising, learning, and development of children.

Our Choice of Social Platforms:

Facebook (Anchor Platform): We focused on creating a page that reflects the brand at its best. It talked about brand philosophy, products, characters, and also had fun & interesting contests & quizzes.

Instagram: We focused on creating a feed that aesthetically reflected the brand identity. We followed relevant pages, interacted with influencers and increased reach using trending hashtags.

Creating Content That Matters:

Understanding the current concerns and evolving behaviours of new-age parents, we created a series of blogs that addressed every modern-day issue when it comes to parenting and child development. These blogs were published on a dedicated WordPress blog page and promoted through Social Media and Database Outreach.