MacV Sells More!


Project Information

  • Project Title:Website Development, SEO, PPC & SMM
  • Client:McPherson & Valentine
  • Date:Since 2017
  • Project Value:NA

MacV has its roots in Scotland. They are an eyewear and fragrance brand focused on styling people with smile and vigour. They stand for style, fashion, elegance, protection, function and comfort.

Some of the challenges while embarking on the digital journey with MacV were steep competition in the segment from widely renowned brands, no social media presence, no e-commerce website and low brand awareness.

Our Mandate

We had to start with a functional and optimized e-commerce website to make it easy for MacV to market and sell the products. We followed it by establishing a strong social identity on platforms where the target audience was supposed to be.

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We keenly studied the buyer persona’s and the talk points they would be interested in. We understood what they would search for on Google when it comes to looking for buying their products.

All these insights were put to use while strategizing the Google Ad campaigns, SEO optimization, content marketing, and social media campaigns.

With constant monitoring and updates and improvising the strategies we got a lot of traction and generated amazing results for MacV.