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UMG Index

Project Information

  • Project Title:Website Development, SEO, & Social Media Marketing
  • Client:UMG Index Tradefairs Pvt. Ltd.
  • Date:2017 to 2020
  • Project Value:NA

UMG Index Tradefair is a leading international trade fair, held every year in Mumbai, India.  It is the country’s largest focused commercial platform hosting brands catering to the interior and architecture industry across the world.

With a focus on growth, Index aimed to increase its brand recall and credibility among the right target audience and generate more participation and even footfall. 

To achieve this, we had to tackle challenges like tough competition from similar trade shows, positioning Index as the “Better choice" for participants and visitors; and of course, generate valuable experience for the audience who engaged on-ground or online. 

Our Mandate

Create a compelling digital marketing strategy to establish the brand identity and strengthen credibility in a way that supports it aligns with company goals and enables the realization of all marketing objectives.

Once we listed down the target audience, their personas, and factors that influence their decisions, we adopted a multi-prawned approach to reach out to them and convert them into leads and visitors. 

Our plan to strengthen their online presence included:

Developing a user friendly and mobile responsive website through which visitors can easily register online and prospective participants can understand and enquire.

This website was further optimized for Google Search. This included various activities like adding relevant codes, optimizing URL structures, updating meta tags, etc.

We also performed off-page activities to maintain top ranking on SERP. This included directory & forum submissions, guest blogging, quora marketing, and more.

For Social Media Marketing, we created profiles on relevant platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. We aimed for one-on-one interactions, content that drives more traffic to the website and activities that generate engagement and influences the audience to participate/visit.